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Mountain bike on an urban downhill berm in front of Lyttelton Library

Our Bicycle Services

There's nothing like the freedom of a bike - whether you're going a block to the store or a journey of thousands of kilometres your time is your own, the wind is in your hair and you get to decide how fast you go. You're more connected to the world around you and your environmental footprint is tiny!

I've been fixing bikes for over 15 years and have certification in bike repair. The fixing all started on a trip through South America, Japan & Europe with the beautiful woman I now call my wife  - when you're in the middle of nowhere and something goes wrong you get good at fixing bikes.

The bike services we offer:

  • Services ( from $60 )
  • Tune ups
  • Wheel builds
  • Part replacement
  • Fixes
  • Complete builds
  • Parts sales

At Pedal On we understand that sometimes a new bike makes more financial sense than repair - we also understand that sometimes you really want that old bike to keep going. We can weld, tweak and nurse that bike of yours back to health and get you back out there with a smile on your face.
We won't judge you for your bike - we have a few that any 'sane' person would have retired years ago so if you have a bike you love that needs some tlc give us a call and we'll work out the details. It's not always cheap, but it's always worth it so contact us today - (josh@pedalon.co.nz).

We provide bike fleet servicing & repairs. Regular servicing will keep your fleet in good condition and save you money. It will help keep your customers happy too. Pricing depends on frequency & volume so call us ([site:company-landline]). We are also available for repairs as required - and we're mobile.

Workplace services & tune ups - if your workplace has a number of cyclists and you'd like to find out about having your bikes serviced/repaired on site contact us (josh@pedalon.co.nz) for a quote.


Testimonials - What do people say about us?

"Josh is the most passionate and skilled bike guy I know. My project is definitely out of the ordinary and Josh has brought not only an open mind but a commitment to the myriad problems we need to solve. A bike mechanic par excellence, Josh really is the man!"

Mike Brown, www.mikesbigbreak.com

"I like taking my bikes to Pedal On, it's always a good experience.   Josh has an amazing knowledge of bicycle technology and he's always happy to provide options for me. He's really passionate about his work as you can see from the wide range of unique bicycles he works on. 
Whether I need something special, or just a regular service, Pedal On is where I go!"

-- Alvin Tan, Business Analyst ( & cyclist )

"With smooth shifting gears & brakes that bite we're all set for our next adventure. Thanks Josh."

-- Andy Dopleach, Director ( Father & husband to keen cyclists )